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Informacion de Visas LSI

Find out more about acquiring visas

UK Visas

Find out from the UK Border Agency whether your student will require a visa to study in the UK
If your student is coming to the UK and intends to travel in Europe they may need a Schengen visa.

TheUKBA website provides information about the Student Visitor Visa required for students studying in the UK for less than 6 months: Visit the UKBA to learn more.

The following website is helpful for providing information about visas and part time work possibilities:

USA Visas

Go to to locate the nearest US Consulate.

Once the required proof of financial responsibility is received, LSI will have an I-20 form issued for a student visa to students applying for any full-time course of study (20 or more lessons per week) as required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). More information can be obtained from: Please click Immigration Services and Benefits Programs and then go to Temporary Visitors.

Canadian Visas

Please visit for the latest visa information.

*If students plan on visiting the USA while in Canada it will be easier to apply for a USA visa from their home country.

Australian Visas

Please visit for the latest visa information provided by your local embassy.

All people travelling to Australia must have a visa, and students can travel to Australia on a Tourist/Visitor Visa, an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), a Student Visa or a Working Holiday Visa (this is for a limited number of countries. Check with the Australian Embassy to see if your country is included).

Tourist / Visitor Visa / ETA

Students can study for a maximum of 12 weeks, part-time or full-time, but they cannot work.

Student Visa

Students who want to study for more than 12 weeks must travel to Australia on a student visa. They are required to:

  • Study full-time
  • Pay the compulsory government Overseas Student Health Cover charge
  • Maintain an attendance of at least 80%. If their attendance falls below 80% their visa may be cancelled.

When they have started their course, they may apply to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs for a Work Rights Visa (cost AU$60) which allows them to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week outside class time.

Working Holiday Visa

With this type of visa, students may study for a maximum of 17 weeks, part-time or full-time. They can also work for a maximum of 6 months for any one employer. These visas are currently available to residents in certain countries only. Please check the Australian Department of Immigration website for information about Working Holiday Visas.

New Zealand Visas

For courses which are longer than 12 weeks, a student visa must be obtained prior to entry into New Zealand. Fees must be paid in advance in order to obtain the documents required for the student visa application.

Please visit the website: for full information about visa applications and travelling to New Zealand.

Language Studies International Auckland and Christchurch are signatories to the NZ Ministry of Education Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Please check the website, for further information.

Maltese Visas

Please visit for more information regarding current regulations at your local embassy.

French Visas

Please visit the Immigration and Nationality website for the most up to date information regarding visas.

Swiss Visas

We recommend you check the CH Immigration website for the most up to date information about Visas and Immigration regulations.

For courses which are longer than 12 weeks, a student visa must be obtained prior to entry into Switzerland.

Fees must be paid in advance in order to obtain the documents required for the student visa application.

Please visit the website: for full information about visa applications and travelling to Switzerland. The student visa application process for Zürich takes at least 3 months to complete.

German Visas

Visit  for updated visa information. 

LSI news

LSI news

Berkeley/San Francisco: A City of Neighborhoods

November 10th, 2014

While many tourists might flock to some of the San Francisco Bay Area's more famous attractions like Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, or the Golden Gate Bridge; LSI students know that the real gems of this region are its many multicultural neighborhoods, and the great food to find in each of them!

MissionNeighborhood THE MISSION DISTRICT
This historically Latino neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco has been home to many waves of immigrants from Latin America. Its vibrant murals and famous burritos have made it a favorite haunt of LSI students, and the city's young high-tech workforce.
San Francisco is home to North America's oldest Chinatown, where Chinese immigrants first settled in the 1850's. This enclave retains many parts of Chinese culture, and is widely known for bringing Chinese cuisine to the United States. The Dim Sum is simply to die for!
Located just North of LSI in Berkeley, the Gourmet Ghetto is widely hailed as being the birthplace of California Cuisine as well as the now world famous Farm-to-Table movement. With incredible restaurants like Chez Panisse, the Gourmet Ghetto has been setting trends in healthy green cooking since the 1970's.
The Castro neighborhood is the longtime home to San Francisco's vibrant LGBTQ culture. This vibrant neighborhood, centered around the historic Castro Theater, is at the epicenter of LGBTQ politics and culture in the United States. It's also got some of the best night life and cafés around! The famous Twin Peaks café is a favorite.
This neighborhood, located on Oakland's north end, is frequently rated one of the best places to live in the Bay Area. At the heart of Rockridge, you'll find College Ave, teeming with restaurants and cafés, this favorite of local artists and writers can be the perfect place to study, or for a night of fine dining with friends!

Quienes somos

En Mayo celebramos 15 años de fundados

Access es una empresa de asesoría educativa fundada en el año 2000, dirigida por personal especializado con muchos años de experiencia en el área, enfocada primordialmente al estudio de idiomas en el país de origen, así como a estudios a nivel de secundaria, universitario y otros cursos en el exterior, asistiendo al estudiante de manera global en todo el proceso hasta la culminación exitosa del curso elegido.

Nuestra mejor publicidad y mayor satisfacción ha sido el reconocimiento y recomendación de nuestros estudiantes

Campamentos de Verano

Ofrecemos una variada gama de campamentos de verano en diversos paises.

Múltiples actividades, paseos turísticos, orientación cultural, artística o deportiva, cuidadosa atención supervisada profesionalmente por expertos en cada una de las orientaciones..y mientras tanto tus hijos se ejercitan en habilidades linguísticas en Inglés, Francés, Italiano y hasta Chino Mandarín!

No dejes de llamarnos para elaborarte un plan atractivo que tus hijos nunca olvidarán!

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